E-Book 10 Commandments to the Living Water

10 Commandments to the living water
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Preface Water is life! So far so good! But when, in the mid-1960s, the German water towers... mehr

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Water is life! So far so good!
But when, in the mid-1960s, the German water towers and elevated tanks used at that time were replaced by more powerful pumps, the water pressure was increased from 2.5 bar/pressure to at least 4 (and in bigger cities up to 20 bar). Since then, tap water has become less popular! Why? Quite simply, the completely natural water has been described as 'rough' in taste. All right, it's not that bad. But what is more important to mention, however, is that this change has made a latent difference to the health of the population, and that it has turned negative...  

Hoppla – "Living Water" becomes H²0  and no one noticed!

A spring water quality, also known as 'living water', has been proven to lose its energetic power at a transport pressure of more than 2.5 bar. This energy and vibration loss is equivalent to a breakdown of the energetic structural framework in drinking water. If you manipulate the statics of a house, it collapses – and that's also true of water! The effects on the ingredients (e. g. minerals) are: They clump and stick together, lose their cell permeability, create deposits [plaque/debris], annoy the people in the household and water should disappear from the household. Minerals, however, are essential alkalizing agents that should be treated as 'good friends' in a time of over-acidification of the body.

Table of contents
 Table of contents
Commandment 1:  Nothing can improve living nature!
Commandment 2:  Nature is and always has been simple! Note the Mini-Max formula of water!
Commandment 3:  Nature understood, nature copied – bionic technology is our future!
Commandment 4:  Violations of the laws of nature have serious consequences –  even with water!
Commandment 5:  Life comes from the living,  not the dead!
Commandment 6:  The whole is more than the sum of its parts!
Commandment 7:  The quality of freshness is the world of the living!
Commandment 8:  We are water and inseparably connected with everything that carries water!
Commandment 9:  You're what you eat and drink!
Commandment 10:  Living means diversity – standards mean the opposite!Scientific results


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